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Camlann Has Been Waiting

Ug. I’m so happy with this page. It turned out so nice. T_T

It’s been so long since I felt that way.

And here’s a detail of Camlann’s face:

Turned out great.

Love you guys!


Security, that is the best idea I’ve heard all year. Finally, the triumphant return of my favorite character in WAM!


But… how would they get Camlann to listen to them? Well… I guess this is one of Mondred’s specialties. Getting other people to do his dirty work.


Wow, I checked the tags, the last time Camlann made an appearance, was April of 2012! Talk about overdue.


You know if anything he might be more pissed at Wiggy since it’s like

“You left me for TWO YEARS, trapped in a basement/dungeon with your father. Do you know the kinda of things that man is capable of!”

Granted I think he might want to kill his Dad more then Wiggy right now but still.


You know, Camlann doesn’t look too good. Maybe being unable to talk and move just like he was back in the sheath was too much for the poor guy. Out of the entire cast, Camlann is the only one without any friends or family to help him out or even just be there for him…
After all, no one came looking for him or showed any concern at his absence… Camlann needs a friend.


I honestly don’t know what would scare me more. Opening my front door and seeing Camlan’s rage face or Security’s glee face. *Shivers*, but can’t stop reading. Need. More. WAM. *happy shivers*


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