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Camlann Has Power

Camlann’ll take away the lines next. It’ll be a white canvas with text! XD


…I actually just like the sketches a lot this week. Driver looks super cute. So I thought I’d share them AND make it plot relevant. :D Win.

Edit: Wednesday at work kinda sucked & my back is killing me. Lol. I finally rotated my mattress so hopefully that helps. I took the night off. I’ll see you guys on Friday. No one let me forget to draw WaM with smoothies. XD


LOL XD These two are pure adorable right now.

Say, what happened to Pinkie and the Blonde? Are they inacting a plan to take over the world? Or took the chance to sneak away for smoothies?


Man, finally finished that 10+ year backlog of comics. I forgot how much I liked this webcomic, though the ones from 2018 kind of meandered all over the place for some reason. Also, where’s Bliss? She kind of just vanished after the arc where she became human again.


Finally, all caught up. Forgot about this when I switched computers about, oh, 12 years or so ago? Anyways, been a huge fan, and found this again when googling my username and found a comment I made back in 2008. Forgot how much I liked this.


Huh. Seems ublock disabled wordpress for some reason. Is that why I was unable to leave a comment?

Anyways, I just finished bingeing the comic from start to finish because I forgot a lot of stuff after I lost the site when I switched computers 12 or so years ago. Glad to see this comic’s still alive!


The comments work! They just don’t show up until I manually refresh the cache, which is usually when I post a new comic. XD;


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