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Camlann Has The Power

Camlann has decided to give the author a break on coloring while also being plot relevant and that’s why he’s my favorite character at the moment. :D

Bless Camlann. Bless that sword.

My coworker is out sick and we’re due for Snow on Friday. I’m not sure what’s going to be up. XD; See you then!

Edit: I caught my coworker’s bug, along with two other people (our entire office was out sick today). I’m going to bed early and I hope everyone does their best to stay healthy during this season of unwell-ness. T-T Get some rest!

Edit 2 (Sunday): Still sick. Feeling better but really tired & fatigued. I’m taking the evening off and probably work tomorrow as well. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday, hopefully over this. Thank you!!

Edit 2 (Wed 1/26): Hey guys. Work today…it was long and it sucked. Everyone is back at work after being sick. Everyone’s a little behind. There’s snow coming again so we’re all pressed for a schedule. And it was just. It was long. Worst of all, my throat is starting to hurt again and I was so sure I was done with being sick. I don’t have the energy to be creative and on top of all of that, I have to go to a funeral tomorrow. I’m going to chill for another hour and go to bed early. Thank you so much for your patience and the comments you’ve left so far. I really appreciate it; they were a very nice pick-me-up.

Edit 2 (Fri. 1/28): This was the week that just kept on giving. Thursday was nuts as well, with the only real highlight being surprisingly the funeral I attended (a lovely service), but it was nuts. Today was also nuts. I got home really late ’cause we did some last minute shopping for a snow storm and by the time I did my Genshin Dailies and chilled,  I realized I was falling asleep. It’s 10:00 p.m. Any comic I draw is going to be so rough that I think it’s better for us all if I just go to bed. I will see you on Sunday. My plan is to sleep all of Saturday and recovery from this crazy week. I love you all. I’ll see you then.


With you blessing Camlann so much I feel Bliss is about to make an appearance.


This apartment complex has too many magically OP people contained herein-they ought to think about changing their renters’ insurance policies, lol.


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