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Camlann Is So Proud

He worked really hard on that fully functioning hotel with all the stops. He’s very upset that Boss messed with it.

Edit: Sorry about the remaining cliffhanger. I ended up feeling sick and took the night off to go to bed early, so WaM’s Friday strip didn’t get done. I’ll see you guys on Sunday, though! Thanks for being patient with me.


If Camlann is maintaining the hotel with gate-powers, and Boss has energy-sucking powers… I wonder if Angry-Boss has enough control to avoid destabilizing the gate.

Got to be admiring of and horrified at Camlann’s nerve, considering he spent so long as a badly-treated prisoner of Boss’ cult. Personally, I’d be hiding, not giving orders.


I bet Hnaef’s been staring at his cameras for like, an hour going “I just get the feeling I’m missing the show of a lifetime”. (And if Security pops over to let him know what cameras he’s supposed to be looking at, I’d love to know the others’ reactions. I bet Sedrick would be scared just watching on a camera. He KO’d Arthur to stay put when it was just Mr. G up against Wilhelm/Malachi. Now its Boss (with WINGS), against Wiglaf and Camlann. And they are keeping up with him, at least so far.)


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