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Camlann Wants To Be Useful

To anyone who guessed Wiglaf would sleep outside, good call! ;D

Also, we had to put our cat down on the 17th (Cinder was a good cat & I miss her), so as you can imagine, I wasn’t really in the mood for art. So there will not be a strip on Friday, but there will be one on Sunday. I’m sorry to skip again since I had to do this last week too, but hopefully things will be back to normal now with all the family visits over, and not having so many vet visits.

Thank you for your patience & for reading. I really appreciate it.


I still miss our little squeaker. My wife and I had a guinea pig that we had to put down due to a broken jaw. I still miss him.


Awww, much empathy on the loss of Cinder. It’s hard to lose furry family members! Be kind to yourself – we’ll wait for updates when they happen


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