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Camlann’ll Deal With It

Poor Camlann. XD

I’m never getting rid of those threads though. I like how they look too much. And thanks to popular demand, Wiglaf still has his shirt off. ;D


I want Mordred to just turn around and yell at Wiglaf mid sentence “-And would put a shirt on already.”


i would think if camlan really wanted to, he could probably rip the stitches out if he opened his mouth wide enough, then have it sewn back together with normal thread, but where’s the fun in that? would probably hurt a lot too…


We’ve established that the tread is magical/enchanted, so I think thats likely not possible. It seems like somethig The Boss would have though of.


Just talk through the pain, Cam.
It’s nice to see the ultimate orater getting back into his groove.


and it is in this comic, 1 in a thousand, that I notice the first thing with this comics art that has annoyed me, on one of my favourite characters.


While I appreciate it would be hard to do a proper mouth style, and still keep Camlann’s Stitches in detail, I must say it upsets me to see side mouth here, especially after the nice upgrade to the eyes.


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