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Camlann’s Screaming On The Inside

Guess who’s back~

I almost feel sorry for him though. XD Poor guy.

And I have the next week off work. What on earth will I do with myself? XD Probably ustream every day or something. ’cause that’s fun.

And I need more merchandise for the WaM Zazzle Store….it’s getting addicting. XD

EDIT 12/25/10: First – Merry Christmas!! Forgot to mention this, but I’ve got family over this Christmas, so whether or not you get a WaM until next Wed. is still up in the air. >.> Keep your eye on Twitter in case I sneak one in Saturday/Christmas night. Thanks!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“How To Believe” by Bridgit Mendler


The sword is one of the magical items? the group that Grace and Bliss are a part of?? I had no idea!


I don’t think it is, it’s just magical and, Bliss nullifies any and all magic in a 20ft radius. I’m pretty sure Camlann isn’t oart of her set.
I think he/it is just a magic sword, no spirit attached like Grace or Bliss(if I remember what Liliy posted somewhere correctly).


…We just found a use for Bliss…
Although, Camlann talking can be avoided with a sheath. Bliss talking…not so much…


So Cammi can talk now that Bliss is in the picture, yay~ but they really need to find a way to get Wiglaf to hear Bliss too, that would be hilarious :lol2:


Hey, Bliss has a use! :ohhyeahh:
Not that noone here DIDN’T see that coming. :P
I’m not sure who I’m more sorry for. Camlann or Mordred.
No, wait. Mordred. :sly:


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