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Can See It From Here

Finishing sometime Friday night.

Sorry! Been busy. XD Bible Study every other Thursday and working my tail off to get NaNo done & my novel edited. XD

Ahhh. *runs around*

And it’s up! You either just smiled at Wiglaf or snorted to yourself. Maybe both. Don’t care. XD He gets his little hero moment.



Panel One:
Herschell: Hate to break up the party, but I think we have a problem.

Panel Two:
Wiglaf: That does not look good.
Herschell: Are you going to do something, hero?

Panel Three:
Mordred: YOu could just let the village burn, but that might ruin your reputation as a hero.

Panel Four:
Wiglaf: I’m just waiting for Security to get Hnaef out of here.

Panel Five:
Wiglaf: They’re gone. I’ll be right back, fires are no problem. Mordred, you might want to stay in so Sedrick cannoto shot you in the head.


One: I should not post at 12 am after no sleep. This causes my ideas to be poorly thought out and hard to read due to bad spelling.

Two: I smiled when I saw the last pannel. However, I also feel sad when I see it. I feel like Wiglaf has the weight of the world resting on his shoulder.

Three: I totally called the first four words of this comic strip: “Hate to break up. . .” I must still have my psychic powers even when I am dead tired.


This sketch just cries “you will like me not for my bringing the storyline forward, but for my utterly witty speeches” ;)


Yay! NaNoWriMo buddy! :D Good luck to you! (I only did the Young Writer’s Program this year so I could finish my novel from last year and still do a new one for this month.)

Also and as usual, I can’t wait to see the completed comic!!!!


yea…he’s gonna be on fire real soon now, isn’t he… Or have an epic hero moment. Before catching on fire. The pyro in me laughs hysterically.


That last panel made that warm, fuzzy feeling you get whenever something particularly touching happens in real life rise up in my heart. I really couldn’t help my smile. Aaah, Wiglaf. There’s a reason I like you, buddy. <3


Is Mordred actually stuttering in panel three?
And I find myself wondering how this will all end up. HOW DOES IT END?! Er… I mean… I patiently await the next few installments of the comic. :P


Ok, I’ll admit it. I smiled. I’ve always liked Wiglaf. Maybe if I knew the guy I’d feel differently, but he just seems pretty likeable.


I can imagine the eye-roll from Mordred for Wiglaf’s ending line.

That said, I have a question. Liliy went on record saying there’d be no overt gayness in this, right? Reading the last, I don’t know, two months of stripes (I had to play catch up), uh…Sedrick is obsessed with Arthur, Wiglaf is jealous of Driver, Horatio (this is further back) is totes gay for Janus’s husband. Like, it’s so prevaent in this comic it’s too obvious to be ANYTHING else.

I mean, how many men break out port for their best friend? Alone. With no other company. Whilst one is tied up in a maid outfit by the other. Not that I’m complaining, mid you, it’s just a bit irritating that it’s EVERYWHERE and yet “not happening”.


For the Horatio bit, at least, he’s not so much as “romantically in love” Geoffry, as he is obsessed with following/working for him–sort of like a knight declaring their loyalty to the King (though there is quite a bit of affection too, they are, for all intents and purposes, best friends).

Just saying that there’s plenty of other things it could be. :D There’s more than one type of way to love/care about another person. XD It doesn’t have to be romantic.

(But Sedrick is totally obsessed with Arthur.)


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