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Can’t Break It If You Didn’t Make It

Mwa ha ha ha ha. Made it. Only missed it by five minutes but considering my track record lately this is pretty good. :D

I love the last panel of today’s strip. I just do. I think it’s Galen using Gawain’s arm as a pointer. She’s so non-phased.

Poor Hagen. She lives with that. XD

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“Cartoon Heroes” by Aqua


:$ :lol2: :$ :lol2: :$ :lol2: :happy:

That relationship is MADE OF WIN.

I can’t believe NOBODY saw that coming :happy:

I lurves yuuuuuuu *hugs liliy* (isn’t the internetz great for things that you would be too shy to do in real lives?)


O.O Somehow, I didn’t see that coming. I guess they KINDA look similar….um…they have the same skin color, but Hagen’s so nice and downplayed and Galen’s, like, a psychopath.

HEY! Gawain, you’re just about saved! Hooray!
(I wonder if Galen KNEW Gawain was Hagen’s partner and kidnapped him from her on purpose. But…if this is a hobby of hers, then Hagen should have known to check Galen’s room in the first place, shouldn’t she?)


Galen is adorable in the last panel. XD And Hagen. Poor Gawain is probably screaming to himself right now; is the daughter really better than the mother? XD


“Mama”?!?!?! Oh my goodness! Is this one of those “don’t you dare hurt my little girl” things that seem to be parental traditions?

Y’know, Liliy, with all these families you’re building, I’m thinking it might save a lot of time and confusion if the cast page took the form of family trees. Or if there was just a copy of the “TAWM/WAM Family Tree” in your gallery somewhere.


wow, the way she’s using that arm just reminds me of the cover for Dexter (the series). Using someone elses limbs like they’re his/her own.



LoL, On the last panel, at first I was like, “Mm, that hand is far too big. And she forgot the gloves, I wonder if I should mention that.” :curious: *Stares for a few seconds as realization sets in* :argh: “H-HOLY SHOOT that Gawain’s freaking hand!” :happy:

I LOVE IT! :lol: I’m so happy I found someone as morbid as myself! You are my brother’s SOUL MATE! :love:


Wow, THAT was unexpected. Their family resemblance is visible, but I never imagined a mother-daughter connection!

XD Galen’s arm-as-pointer gimmick is side-splittingly funny! What a demented character. And poor Hagen, having to live with such a deranged parent. She must have been terrified to invite school friends to her house when she was little. And poor Gawain really needs some relief.


Thats awesome, I never saw that coming =)

I love how Gawain’s missing an arm, blood is everywhere, and its got such a light feel to it. Wacky hijinks instead of maniacal madness, its great ^_^


I just now noticed Galen calls Hagen “Child” in the last strip. That should’ve been a hint, but I must have been distracted by the glorious blood.


Am I the only one who saw this coming? I might be a (very) new reader, but I didn’t look at the cast page or family chart or anything!


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