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Careful Now

Comic’s up~ :D

Edit: There won’t be a strip on Sunday. This one will hopefully be colored by then, though. Thanks for your patience. 

Edit #2,  7/29: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m just such a mess lately. There’s no excuse, I know. *rubs face* There’ll be a strip late on Wed. *heavy sigh*


They have an interesting relationship. Considering the fact that if any of the others are separated from their artifacts they go into withdraw, but it took him a moment to realize she was gone.


Mordred’s used to her being around his feet. So he assumed she’s there. No withdrawal if he doesn’t realize she’s gone.

Unlike the others, like Azrael and Ben, who are much more hyper-aware of where their items are because they have to physically hold and transport them. :3

If Mordred walks away, Bliss follows. If Azrael puts his sword down and walls away, it stays there unless someone steals it. XD Tiny bit different~


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