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Caught On Tape

Looks like Bliss is attracting more trouble than she’s worth.

Color and all that good stuff to come later. XD I just can’t win–I get all caught up and I’m behind again. What’s really funny? I was on track to finish this one time…and then I got sidetracked by something.

At least the Pair-a-Thon winners got posted. XD Whoo!

Also–I have a bit of a soap box today in case you don’t actually look at site news. XD

Edit: Hey look at that. Color. Whoo!

“Rocko’s Modern Life”

The theme song just got stuck in your head. If it didn’t…go watch the show.


On one hand this is a great chance to get rid of Bliss. On the other hand I doubt Mordred would take kindly to anyone pilfering from him. On your third mutant hand Bliss is off sulking and should be an easy target.


But Bliss is actually useful.
Especially to Wiglaf.

Then again, Camlan would have been useful too..


it really depends on whether Mordred notices her missing or not, he tends to just let her wonder off … its kinda interesting that she is the only one of the group able to move by herself all the others need to be carted around by their ‘master’.


Again we see how disliked Bliss is among all the other artifacts in her set. XD Babbling on about nothing plus neutralizing all other magic powers in her path is inevitably going to make her the object of resentment.


The babbling seems to be an artifact character trait though, since none of the others ever stop talking either.
I wonder how this woman manages three of them at once. She’s either very stable or she’s already crazy, in which case she should fit in nicely with the others. ^-^


Oh. New character is a girl. Interesting. With two artifacts…and is Prudence attached to a vacuum? Am I allowed to call her Weatherwitch, or has no one else ever played Ghost Master?


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