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Heh. Let the confusion begin. XD Who’s talking to who? Who knows! XD Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I’m on such a super hero binge. *watched Green Hornet, finally caught the first episode of Young Justice and is still re-obsessing over Watchmen*

*noms* I need my third Batman movie. And Robin better be freaking in it. T_T

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Distance” by Cake


XD Grace is enjoying himself far to much methinks.


I dunno, if there’s something to Eclat’s threat then Grace is in imminent danger of being loopholed up the loophole sideways and then having his teeth yanked out his loophole, leaving him in great need of some kind of upgrade from a colostomy bag every time he has to loophole.


….I’m kinda confused with this page in general. Not really with who can hear who though.

Is it just me or does Éclat and Grace both have red jewels? (Grace’s cloak fastener, Éclat’s ring)
It’s probably just me.


I think Éclat is my new favorite character. XD

Also – Heck yes. I agree totally and completely; we need a ROBIN in the next movie!! Yes!


Is it just me or does the first panel reminds you of a creeper trying to steal someones virture? O.o probably just me.


In no way shape or form is that just you… trust me, I had the same thought in the last comic when Azriel told Ben he was just “infinitely more interesting”

then I had the same thought when I read this comic..

Yes… Yes it was awesome. :love:


am i the only one tempted to slash the hell outta those two for the pairathon? yay for Azrael/everything! :love:


The last panel is amazing. It would make a great desktop or a banner image. But what IS the rule they speak of?
Swords with confirmed owners have dominance over those being ditched?
No fighting betwixt cursed items?
Never wear brown shoes with a blue suit?

Yours curiously,


Nice! I have a feeling I’m going to like Ben and Eclat. Grace seems to have good luck(or bad depending how you look at it) when it comes to meeting other enchanted artifacts. Two in such a short time! He must be soooo thrilled, he can’t contain himself. Poor guy.

I’m enjoying Young Justice so far. I think it’s mostly because Kid Flash is in it and Crispin Freeman is Speedy. My favorite titans in one show!


So… I get the general feeling that Eclat and Ben are about to be either:
A. horribly molested.
B. killed (Ben) and claimed (Eclat)
C. killed (Eclat) and claimed (Ben)… hehehe…
D. Have a delightful picnic with Azzie and Grace, with a conclusion that has them working together in harmony to achieve the ultimate goal of conquering the world!!!!!

Or something like that…


Wait, I think I see the Loophole. I shall name it Charlie. Anyway, if Eclat talks to Grace about himself and Ben and Az happen to hear, then they are not actually perposely divulging the others secrets, right? 0_0


…Random and very late thought: Oh my god their hands.

Azrael actually has fairly masculine hands. His hand is somewhat large for his normally thin frame, with average-sized fingers. Ben, meanwhile, has a small hand with long slender fingers. Or basically, from what I can see….Ben has the perfect hands for sewing. And Azrael has perfect hands for combat.

Curiouser and curiouser. It’s also nice to see that they have distinct hands. Like if you put their hands next to each other without color, you can still tell whose is whose.


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