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Change and The Same

And now you know why Driver didn’t head over to England with the boys.

But now she can go say hit to the newly announced Mad Scientist Lancelot! :D

Go Driver, Go.


Is it legal for Driver to continue to drive without depth perception?
Lance is going to be a lot more fun now that he has a new attitude about his villainy and a new wardrobe. The real question is, will he have the snappy retorts which a villain needs?


It’s great to see Driver again, and it is interesting to see her trying on a prosthetic eye. I also can’t wait to see her new interactions with Lance.


Just looked back at this again and thought that Driver now reminds me of Uryuu Minene from Mirai Nikki (a.k.a. Future Diary.).


I couldn’t remember why she needed a prosthetic eye, but then I read a little bit further and remembered it was eaten by the cannibal.


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