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Change Does Wonders

I love Hagen’s haircut, but I don’t think I could draw it consistently if my life depended on it. o-o

Arthur is a good looking guy. He just wears the same thing every day so people tend to forget. A little change in wardrobe is all he needed. ;D (Sedrick has miscalculated.)

Edit: Good news! I got my new computer ordered (man this is a long time coming), but it won’t be here until April. So a bit of a wait. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get everything transferred and updated to the newest OS, but I’m going to cross my fingers it goes quick.

Also good news: Got to see some friends tonight! I was social. :D

Not so great news: Since the friend-get together was moved from Thursday to Wednesday, I did…not get anything done WaM wise. At this point it’s a little late to start drawing so gonna’ have to skip over Wednesday’s strip. >.>; I’ll see you on Friday.

EVEN BETTER NEWS: When my new computer gets here, I’ll be able to live stream again so WaM’ll be draw in front of an audience which means it’ll be up earlier since I won’t be able to get distracted as easily with a chat yelling at me. XD I look forward to it! :D


At this rate all he’ll have to do to cause a disruption in traffic is just walk down the street haha


If Sedrick let him I’m sure Arthur could take over the world just by taking of his shirt ! Wiglaf may do him some serious competition… :D


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