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Change Is A Good Hurt

This is how I wish all WaM strips could turn out. <3

So happy with this one. I hope you all enjoy the little nostalgia trip~ :D

Pair-a-Thon is almost up! So get those entries in! :3

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Aww, Ainsley… Sometimes, you just gotta roll with it and see what happens. At least it’s worked out thus far, no?

Also, I LOVE the transition of their expressions in the “He. Never. Left.” panels. Wiglaf the smiling idiot, and Mordred, the person who puts up with ‘im… Mordred, ths ly dog who’s figured Wiglaf’s chain-mail addiction out… (Yes, I recognize that scene.) And wiglaf, the smirking, grinning prankster who finally pulle one over on Mordred, who’s irritated, but clearly friends with him anyway. It just… Gah. I love it!

You’ve got reason to be happy with this page, Liliy! You’ve outdone yourself! :’3


Err… in panel 5 Mordred is offering Driver a flower, and in panel 7 she’s… naked? Is she glad to see Mordred happy for *her* sake as well as his? And resentful that *Wiglaf* is the reason she got what she’d always wanted?

Or am I seeing what isn’t there?


I love this one. We get to see flashbacks to a lot of familiar scenes from past strips. :D Panels 2 through 4 are great.

And I like how we see that Driver resents the fact that Wiglaf cheered up Mordred in a way she never could, and also the fact that she’s happy for Mordred but can’t stand the fact that someone else was responsible for his change. Poor Driver. ^_^


Driiiivvveerrrr You are breaking my heart over here please stop it I just ohmygod. D’:
Still loving this flashback layout. And also: the evolution of Wiglaf’s hair in panels 2-4. awesomeness.


This is great. I love getting a look into Driver’s head, and I adore the fact that we got to see Wiglaf’s old hair styles. I miss his long hair so much!


You know, I think Driver DID imprint a LOT on Mordred. But you know when you see someone for the first time in ages and they tell you how much you’ve changed even though personally, you see no difference? I think it’s like that. Without her friendship and support, Mordred would have turned out VERY different. Driver just doesn’t realise that since she’s been the centre of that gradual change all along.


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