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Cheers To You Both

The nostalgic one is me. I’m the one who missed Mordred calling Wiglaf “Lackey” despite all their friendship growth. lol.

Ahhh. Good times.

Edit: My puppy was spayed on Monday and man. Those sedatives aren’t working at all. LOL. Everyone’ exhausted trying to keep her calm so she can heal and she just settled for a nap. I’m relaxing myself. XD I’ll see you Friday.

Edit 2: Hey guys. Some stuff popped up and I wasn’t able to get to my computer to draw. Nothing major, but not something I can share either. Sorry! I’ll see you on Sunday.


Lackey… hmmm… say, did Mordred ever register Wiglaf as an official employee of the Garrot family? Like how Hagen & Gawain are. For that matter, was Driver given her job back?


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