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Choke A Hero

Being perfect doesn’t mean you suddenly get a power boost to fight a really, really, super freakishly powerful sword.

Who’s pissed off at you.

Start helping, Azrael. The fans want to see you in action.

Inking & Coloring Later. I was…uh. Nah, no excuses. I could have done it earlier in the day XD But I didn’t. Go me.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Who Is This Child?” – Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Sure Mordred. You definitely don’t care about Wiglaf or anything. You just want you lackey back, that’s all.


Cutest. Shuffle. Ever.

I might be odd, but I actually love seeing the rough sketch before the finished product. I think it’s fascinating. :3 Why’s it all in different colors?

S’mores and cocoa. …. I suddenly understand! Mordred’s ultimate evil plan involves creating a dessert cafe and lacing the products with mind control serum! Nooo not the cupcakes!


The different colours started as an accident-liliy was fixing Mordred’s hair in the previous strip and, forgot to change the colour from pink to black when she started sketching again and drew Mordred in pink and was to lazy to change it back.
After that, she just went with it and decided if she was going to give us a sketch, she was going to have fun with it and we got a multi-coloured sketch.


I just realized something, I think Bliss may actualy know what her power does, or that the flames are magical. In the first panel, she seems very aware that if her powers turn on, the flames will poof. :shocked:

Ad won’t this be embarrassing for Wiglaf, getting saved by the villain(Mordred) *snicker*


You are not thinking like a hero.

It is not embarrassing to be saved by an evil man because the act of saving another is inherently a good thing.

Because it is an inherently good action and the evil man committed this action even if such action may not have good reasons behind them, this is a type of progression away from evil that any rightly good hero like wiglaf would support.

… just think in reverse of what mordred is thinking in his action in trying to save wiglaf from his sword.


One minute until what? Azzie joins Camlann? Or until he tries to Help Wiglaf? And why the time limit? Just for kicks or something that I missed?


Cocoa, huh? Hm… You know, maybe he could have calmmly educated them about his powers. I’m sure Mordred wouldn’t mind making Wiglaf use Camlann’s powers to summon up some cocoa or something.


I think the TagLine says it all for this strip: “WaM: All the Teasing, None of the Payoff”.

Liliy, we love you but dont torture the fangirls.

Ah, who am I trying to kid? We love it anyway!” :D


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