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Clothing Damage

The alternate title would be “Clothing Damage only happens to the pretty ones who aren’t main characters unless you’re name is Wiglaf in which you do things properly and rip your shirt.”

Little long. :D

Um. I lied a little. There were more characters to wrap up than I realized. XD We’ll probably see the new volume next Friday.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone” by The Temptations


…I totally read that line as ‘As much as I’d I’d love to see Azrael’s pants come off..’ then I stopped and re-read, cause that couldn’t be right. I have no idea why I read it that way(perhaps it’s cause it’s 12:23 am) but I did.

And yeah, ‘fan-service page’. XD


that line *shakes head* thats exactly how I read it then I went, hang on WHAT??? and had to re-read it :lol2:

didn’t think it was something Wiglaf was likely to say :lol2:


Wiglaf’s line is gold but really he should have just let him THEN stopped him. go pants eat him all up!


Am I detecting a new theme or trend here?
Just as we get bliss back under wraps we end up with at least two, maybe four or more, new streakers in the picture.

As for the pants thing, I also misread that and pictured animated pants growing teeth and chewing on our local homicidal maniac, but I blame that slip of the mind to overexpose to fangirls at AnimeNorth this past weekend.

A note for wanabe cosplayers …. Kimono = good / comfy / cool / drafty / awkward sitting in chairs, Gotti = sore feet


So many things rushing through my head at this time… Genetic looks like a Dr. Suess character with the thing around his neck (:lol2:), Wiglaf’s line left me in hysterics for a solid five minutes, and Ben has a girly hand. huh. Then again, that’s just in comparison to Wiglaf’s. I think everyone has girl hands compared to Wiggy! :P


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