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Poor Ledger. He doesn’t know how to deal with this situation, or the abuse of his position. XD Poor guy. *pats him*

Hey! The NaNoWriMo site relaunched!! I’m excited. November’s coming up! :D Wanna be my NaNo Writing Buddy?

Song Listening Recommendation:

“When She Loved Me” by Sarah McLachlan


I wonder how Guinevere expects to have any peace with all of these talking artifacts lying around the house! XD

Ledger and Prudence have some amusing dialogue about Guinevere’s colleting. XD



Also, I suppose Guinevere wouldn’t be able to hear all the artifacts talking since not all of them belong to her, but it still has to feel a little weird having a whole house of magical sentient beings! XD


I must admit, I kind of suspect I’d be doing the same thing as Gwinevere. I certainly try to “catch ‘em all” in any videogame that has that option available.


.. .. I am REALLY curious what kind of person becomes a book that has a huge transgender symbol on it.


It’s not a transgender symbol. XD I just linked a ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ together to symbolize ‘Romance Novel’ – it’s just hard to tell at the small size. ^^;


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