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Communication Needs Work

And Daddy’s home from work. Everyone wave to Vilhelm. He’s a warm welcoming fella, ain’t he? *wink*

Mordred’s had politeness to mothers beat into him. Not surprising. Probably enforced by his sister. He fears women who are associated with the term ‘family’.

Also! Fear my Rumble-Fest 2011 Entries. Heck yeah.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Don’t Stand So Close To Me” By the Police


Mordred smiling! It does not happen enough.

and first. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to write that (in this context).


…. Where did the blond hair come from? And dark skin? Do Wiglaf and Brat bleach? ………


Hahaha, I was totally gonna ask that! I’m glad someone was able to provide the necessary linkage for answers… and as for the answer, all I can say is… oh wow, that’s baaaaaaad… lol


That is not really bad if lily makes the dark haired dad to be all business.

A man like that might even prefer for someone else to take his spot on the bed while he runs things more important.


Ah Liliy, had to go for the dysfunctional family :Bemused:

When I first saw the DA image loading I thought – oh, double lottery win for the kids on the recessive genes (Blond and Blue eyed). I geek that way.
THEN I see the repair guy and thought – that is just so Hollywood / arranged political marriage.

Come to think of it, that would make sense if it was a political thing and would explain ‘lil Wig working the stables for that other family as a student job.

Just by the diametrically opposed personality types I doubt that the “Parents” little more than tolerate each other.
Then comes the question, are there siblings from dad’s side of the family? [for more fun, angst and political turmoil]


…Wiglaf and Brat have green eyes- That they got from their mother. :) (I don’t have many pics of their eyes, so easy misake…I know. Heh.)


So Wiglaf’s father can recognize a guy when he sees one. That seems to be odd for men on their first meeting with Mordred in this ‘verse. Score one for Vilhelm.


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