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Compete With The Sword? Easy.

No WAM on Sunday. I’m out of town from Thursday to Sunday. XD It took sacrificing sleep just to get this done.


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Somebody Told Me” by The Killers


::winces:: Oh, wow Wiglaf, that hurt! I read his comment and cringed. Despite how true it may be (though, I’m convinced Mordred could be as evil as his siblings if he really put the effort in.)

Oh, and yay! More Mordred monologues! Huzzah!


I completely second everything you’ve said Hemu! It’s kind like….. burn.

Ditto on the huzzah!


hahahaha!!! right on Wiglaf!!!! i really like Mordreds background, it reminds me of kindergarten when we got to use paint. that looks just like my elephant i drew. and if you turn it upside down it looks like the penguin i created also.


I like how Wiglaf delivers his punchline with a devilishly crafty smirk. XD

Mordred definitely knows something about Janus’ tyranny; he’s been on the receiving end of it. I’m sure he would have a lot of fun watching Horatio get a taste of it. I like where he adds, “Or wish they were…” XD


Hang on! Did you just give Mordred broad, manly shoulders?

Wiglaf definitely calls it as it is. Though, it’s amusing that Horatio has been on the receiving end of enough Garrott family treatment that he recognizes Mordred’s effort for what it is. :D “A+” for effort, Mordred.


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