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Confined Space

It’s up! XD

*passes out*

Edit: No WaM Friday~ Spending time with the folks.


When Malachi has control of Willy’s body, does Willy know what Malachi’s doing, but can’t stop him? I’m too lazy right now to go comb the archives…but my real question is, can Willy see the manifestations of the artifacts because Malachi can?


So is like the Jelly completely nullifying her powers or what cause if not then Malachi should have been like forced out of Willy’s body by now.


Maybe Mordred put her on ‘off’ and never bothered to turn her back on.


Maybe she hasn’t turned her powers back on. I kinda want Camalan back.
like he some how escapes and basically promises to behave and that he’s learned his lesson and to just keep him a way from Wiglaf’s dad and the rest of the magic cultists (for lack of a better word). Either that or like after a bit of being caught the spell/magic from Eclat that changed him wears off so he turns back to a sword. Another though is that they decide to experiment to see what would happen if they turned something that was made from magic into an artifact. Either way I really want Camllan ( I spelt his name wrong i know it) back.
Sorry for the long post.


I had this really weird idea for an artifact that was like a dagger or something whose ability was to form itself into a person and had had some kind of previous encounters with Camalan (something i’m amazed never happened with Grace) and hilariousness would ensue.


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