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Convenient Change of Subject

Ha ha; I’m surprised all of you were so quiet on Friday’s pin-up of a pregnant Janus. XD Makes me wonder if I scared all of you.

Anyway, back to the crazed doctors, not-so-normal-zomibe and dude who talks to an inanimate (or is it?) object. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Cash Machine” by Hard-Fi


Ah, the good doctor. She certainly seems to know a lot about Gawain. XD And poor Azrael; could WAM really be just his own personal Hell?

Also, who’s Hagen? XD


ooohh…I know! Grace is really some hot prince, who’s been transformed to a sword because of his arogance! 8D

…Sorry, i just watched Disney XD


Azrael certainly has a very bad reaction to someone else hearing Grace. Perhaps he considers it a violation of his privacy, like eavesdropping.
Either that, or Doc Galen having a partner is a sign of forthcoming personal apocalypse to Azrael. Euch.

Hagen’s female! I didn’t realize that, before. Huh. Female, same skin tone as, and wears gloves like Galen. There has to be a connection here. Perhaps this is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing? Perhaps Gawain is legitimately partner to both of them. *C-Theory engine in overdrive.*


Hate to discredit one point but – all the Garrott employees wear gloves. XD Its part of the uniform.

And yup; Hagen’s a girl. :D


*Scratches head.* Maybe I’m just dense, then. I could have sworn Driver or Svafa didn’t wear gloves. Oh well. There’s still the whole “sweet and caring” vs. “dangerous and obsessive” outward act dichotomy. Who knows? Maybe Hagen’s name was on the tape right after Galen’s. There just has to be a way that Hagen is going to survive taking Gawain-the-Toy away from Galen.

Hmm. Gloves on a zombie: keeping bits of him in, rather than other things out!


Interesting… Is Azreal dead? or are they both just crazy…. (or maybe grace just WANTS him to hear that.)


*Shrugs.* His profile says he’s an angel. Some think that if one can’t physically die, it means one should technically be considered already dead.

…which makes one wonder if Doc Galen has simply been around Azrael so long that his indestructible nature is only boring right now, or if she has come to the conclusion that messing with him and the Valkyries is too great a hazard to her own health.


Indeed. For if she touched Azreal she would immediately be blown up/poisoned, ripped in two and hit with 5-10 arrows. And from what i’ve seen of the characters, that probably is just like a title, not a literal meaning. After all, you don’t exaclty expect a serial killer to be an angel do you?


Azrael sure is acting very strange when he finds out about Gawain’s connections to both Grace and Galen. He’s taking a totally negative perspective. It may be that Azrael just has an excess of hubris–he can’t stand potential competition for his sword’s attention, and he feels disgruntled that a new employee should be honored with a partner (if that’s considered an honor) while he, a supposedly prestigious general, gets nothing. But of course, Azrael is puzzling that way. ^_^

I wonder if Hagen and Galen are related. They look very similar. And poor Gawain, LOL. Someone will have to save him.


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