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Could’a Been Janus


Haha, Driver moves fast, but who can blame her when she probably spends most of her time playing mommy to Mordred? Gotta seize those opportunities as quickly as possible.

Oh, oh, oh! First post! (I just learned that.)


Hmm. So Wiglaf doesn’t HAVE to pay rent for somewhere to live, anymore? That might be useful. Then, again, a hero’s schedule would be kind of obvious to the villain he has to serve. Not to mention it’s kind of difficult to hide that bright-red-direct-line-to-the-mayor phone every hero has.

Y’know, Wiglaf is supposed to be able to do almost anything perfectly. If Mordred and Driver find out, does that mean Wiglaf will get stuck with lair-cleaning duties? “Wiglaf– For the heroic shine!”

Gotta like the camaraderie/shared-misery thing Wiglaf and Driver seem to be developing when Driver isn’t in overdrive.


Poor Wiglaf… and driver. XD Doesn’t look like either of them can get a break. ^_^;

And I love Mordred complaining about his rose petals; it’s just perfect. XD


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