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Crooked Vase

HA HA. Got the strip up before my Sunday Evening D&D game.  I win.

Also: Happy Mother’s Day! To all the mom’s: I hope you’re having a wonderful day and know that we all appreciate you. To everyone else: I hope you had a chance to celebrate the wonderful mothers that are in your life.

Edit: I have no reason for a lack of update. I’m just tired. Lol. I’ll see you guys Friday. XD

Edit 2 (5/17): Turns out I’ve been so tired the past couple of days is because I was getting sick. I feel like crap and I’m just going to zone in my bowl chair surviving on Dayquill. I’ll see you on Sunday. xd

Edit 3 (5/19)Sorry guys. I feel a lot better than Friday after sleeping all day Saturday and most of today, but I’m still feeling groggy and tired. The tail end of colds suck, too. xd But I should be better by Wednesday at this rate (and by judging from the person I caught this cold from, who was better after four to five days). I’ll see you then!

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You still have it in hand, Mordred! Prepare to throw it underhand, but actually only throw the water and flower inside of the vase! And THEN thrown the vase afterwards, hoping he’ll be distracted by the water! Worst case, he only gets splashed by the water.


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