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Crossed That Line

This will be finished before the next WAM. XD Sorry guys! I’ve been such a flake lately…

Thanks for being so awesome and sticking with me!

Edit: So behind. No excuses. I’m a broken record. >_< WaM’ll be up late Friday night. Sorry!


Now I’m wondering what is going to pop up from a curling thingy, (sorry, don’t know the of thing they push to the center.) touched but E’clat. This should be Interesting, very interesting.


Stone, they’re curling stone ;p

I think it’d be funny if it turned into something like an armadillo or turtle. Unless it ends up like the griffon from earlier in which case whoo-boy who knows.


Wow Ben takes that game way to seriously…. Rhino maybe? I would laugh if it turned into a large grey and red (the colour of the curling stone) fish flopping on the ice. Or a large fat lazy cat XD.

Cockroach! *shudders* That would be gross.
Well they are out of luck if they need help(cause the living curling stone became to much to handle) cause Wiglaf is still healing from his injuries. So he can’t come and save their sorry buts.


Well, let’s see. Mordred has a dog, Wiglaf has a cat (boy?) I think this group might be getting a new pet. :D


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