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Crystal Clear


I don’t know why, but when I first looked at the comic, I thought the stuff behind Wiglaf was hair. I r stoopid. XD

Demon Wiglaf is just as cuddly as silly Wiglaf. And you should color this one.


I, too, think it looks like hair/fur, and I think it rather appropriate that “terrorizing you” Wiglaf should have furry flames to go with his triangular eyes… :)


Ah, Wiglif’s expression is so much love. And yes, I’m rereading your comic, again, and felt the need to comment.


noo he cant be the devil of bohuslän cuz i already am…
If i find him i shall fight him to the death for the title
MAOhahah haaa
btw i love the little swedish stuff popping up ^^ its always fun seing mu language in comics ^^


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