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Daddy Knows Best

The alternate, slightly more humorous title was “Sexy Sedrick Time.”

You all saw this coming. Admit it.

I love how this page turned out. You don’t even know. <3


What did you learn (from the cast) from this & the past few strips? :D

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“Untouched” by The Veronicas


Well, for one, Hnæf really doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into, at all. Arthur is by far the kindest villain I’ve ever seen-he’d rather be liked than feared(word of god says so). And, Sedrick is downright cruel, even to poor little Hnæf.

Also, Sedrick looks, really creepy in the third panel.


Okay, knowing just how bad Sedrick can get, there’s no way this is going to turn out all right. Though I don’t think it will be something irreversible. Or deathy. This is just not that kind of comic.

Also, I learned that if violence doesn’t solve your problems, it’s because you haven’t started cheating yet!


I’ve learnt that Hnaef puts up with alot, that Sedrick has got a limit to his patience, and that its possible to learn to hate a character in the short time of 2 pages.


I find myself wondering how this is going to play out. I really don’t have any predictions outside of ‘I think we’re going to find that Arthur is substantially more capable than people Sedrick thinks he is.’

That is, assuming, Sedrick is really attempting a full scale power play here. I’m not exactly sure how he thinks he can manage this, it would require disposing of Arthur which is tantamount to sowing the wind, as it were. I don’t see how he can handle that.


Finally canon-confirmation… I recall reading something somewhere about Hnæf being adopted by Sedrick… Was that one of Liliy’s Mirror-verse pieces?


No, it was not. It is in fact true; it’s never really been mentioned particularly directly in the comic itself, though. There was a Mirrorverse piece dealing with Sedrick’s role as Hnæf’s legal guardian, but basically the canon is “Sedrick treats Hnæf like an expendable tool” and the Mirrorverse is “Sedrick loves Hnæf like his own son.” The subversion in the Mirrorverse isn’t about a change in Sedrick’s role, so much as how he feels about the role.


Sedrick is the sexiest.
ON a slightly more serious note, Hnaef has a bit too much trust in his father figure, and Arthur isn’t very observant. He knows Sedrick pretty well, you’d think he’d have seen this coming.


I’m thinking he probably HAS. Arthur has proven before that he really isn’t as stupid as he acts…but whether he’s prepared or not, this’ll be interesting.


Let’s see…

Sedrick is insanely evil… Wait already knew that. Umm… I think he’s more terrifying than anyone ever… And is gonna fail via dragon. Just a guess…

Hnæf is going to be needing some help from his current personal ally, Security… At a guess.

Arthur is gonna be pissed. Dragons will hopefully be involved :D


Hnaef has a horrible adopted father. Maybe that’s why he hides in the vents? Also, I agree with IcyPhoenix. Arthur is more of an Anti-Villain (see than anything else. That said, he’s a Garrott. There’s a reason Garrott minions are loyal – the alternative involves blood and pain and death. His “I’d rather be liked than feared” philosophy is a perfectly valid villain identity (see Arthur seems harmless, but I don’t think he’s going to take too well to Sedrick disobeying a direct order and starting a plan with murder.


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