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Daddy Knows Best

Geoffry’s parental instincts make him immune to whatever it is about Security that lets him blend in so flawlessly. :D

And now you know just a little bit more of why Janus chose Geoffry. Tee hee.

Um, other than that not much to say. Oh! Go see Get Smart. :D And if you can, go grab a hold of the original TV series. Which rocked. So very much.


Very interesting. Geoffry is the one person who can break through Security’s camouflage. His rapport with Safir must be very strong.

And yeah, Janus apparently knew exactly what she was doing in claiming him. XD


I liked it very much, but what happened to Geoffry’s chain around his right wrist at the end of comic 75, it disappeared.


Dad hit a bullseye. ^_^ Geoffry isn’t chained when Janus is home. Its’ not like he’s going anywhere with her standing right there. :D


It’s good to know at least one person is immune to Security’s seeming invisibility. I’m actually glad to see him get decked. XD


He’s immune to the Security Camouflage Technique? How can this be!? We must take a sample of these ‘parental instincts’ and test them to see what makes them so strong. Then we must help Security perfect his camouflage. None shall detect Security!


From this comic, and all the comics till #486.

Geoffrey. is. the most badass character in this webcomic. No exceptions.


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