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Daisies are Manly…Really

I hope some of ya’ll have figured out who Driver’s sisters are. I’m trying to make it horribly obvious. XD If not…you’re either a new reader, or I’ve failed miserably. :D

(Psst…*whisper* It’s the Valkyrie Sisters *whisper*)


bwaha i love the subtelties and the sarcasm, it makes the impending finality of my uni exams all the more bearable!………and leaves me with a strange urge to aquire a scarf of some sort?


I knew it! The similarity in hair color helped tip me off. I’m interested in seeing how you will further develop the sibling relationship between Driver and the Valkyries. Perhaps, despite their obvious differences, they share some common attitudes that we don’t know about yet. That’ll be interesting to see.

“Damn groupies.” Haha, Driver rulez. Always quick with a jab, either physical or verbal. ^_^


*Titters.* Mordred the literally black sheep collects figurative black sheep. XD Are you sure his banner is a rose, and not three bags of wool?

And of course daisies are manly. :D The bravest, purest knights wore daisy chains given to them by the maidens who could not afford silk scarves as favors. __…wait. Wiglaf with a daisy and Mordred with a scarf… you did that on purpose, didn’t you?


As amusing as it would be for Wiglaf and Mordred to be exchanging favors of affection, as far as that daisy is concerned- I drew Wiglaf and while pondering for a few moments trying to come up with his line, went “I want to put a daisy in his hair.”

…and then I put a daisy in his hair. :D


Some how I never picked up on that! I should have seen that one coming, it makes so much sense. >3< Good job though, some how you managed to trick me for this long.

I love how the title only has to do with the last panel and last 2 lines. XD Pure genuis too, great work yet again.


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