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Daisy Gets Around

I was in the mood to do something cute, and I’ve been picking on Driver a bit much lately. So, she got a break.

…the irony of all of this is I don’t actually like daisies…huh. Fancy that.

And because I’ve become Poll Happy recently, feel free to humor me by answering the poll below. :D

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Ho ho, nice background for Driver’s euphoria. :D I can tell you really put some thought into that one. It’s good to see Driver wrapped in a happy moment.

My favorite part is Wiglaf’s last line. Very funny. XD


“Eu-PHOR-Or-i-a/I can’t take/a-NY-Mo-ore of ya…”– Driver’s tune.
“Round, round, gettaround, I get around!”–Daisy’s tune.
Shouldn’t that be switched? XD

Nice one, Liliy. :D


Awwws, after I broke out laughing physicaly, that’s what I said.

I really want to see Driver and Mordred together, too bad it’ll never happen….. Liliy.*gives you a funny look*


other…there’s alot of the ‘falls out of chair and gets laughed at by roommate’ goin’ on…and trust me falling out of my chair is a complement, means i’m laughing too hard, had a fangirl overload, or was shocked/disturbed (in a good way)


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