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Darn, Over Already?

So, yeah. Bought the Fate Stay/Night box set on a whim today and ended up watching two discs in a row…WAM almost didn’t get done. Heh. Gotta love the ‘Oh Crap!’ loss of time moment. Heh.

But it did. That’s all that matters.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Letter -From the Lost Days” from Silent Hill 3


Heh heh. I can imagine that Wiglaf has had plenty of opportunities to call Azrael by that name. XD

Digging Madame Garrott’s annoyance at the commotion. Even in the smallest instances, she carries herself with class and refinement. :cool:

It seems that Mordred is about to make clear that no one is allowed to discipline his lackey except him.


I like Mordred because I’m never quite sure how he’s going to react. He seemed amused at the start of the fight, which led me to believe he’d enjoy the antics. Now he’s irritated. Is he as unpredictable as Driver is jealous? Only the next comic will answer that. Dun dun dun.


I just noticed that Driver’s speech bubble never actually points to her. Not really important, I know, as it’s obviously her speaking, but still…



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