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Dating Can Wait

The world’s still crazy out there, but I drew a comic strip I’m happy with and I’ll take that.

Wiglaf and Mordred appreciating Driver: As they should. She’s honestly one of my favorite characters and I’m glad she’s taking over this storyline. XD

Edit: Enjoy the cute until Wednesday. My eyes are killing me (eye strain, I think) and I’m craving coffee to wake up…after 8:00 p.m. and that would be bad if I have any hope of waking up tomorrow for work (Even if I’m working at home, I still have to prove I’m ‘logged in’ at the normal working hours). Wish me luck for week two of actual self quarantine. 


Yo! I was rereading the chapter where Wiglaf found the stone that let him see Bliss and during her explanation of why someone would be able to see her a question occured to me, could someone afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy or vampirism see the spirit of an artifact?


Nope! The spirits were (typically) only able to be seen by the user. The stone issue was a unique occurrence.


Ok! Thanks for answering. :)
So I do have two small follow-up questions.
Since Gawain was able to hear Grace when he was an artifact, how come Boss has never gone after Gawain? I have a theory as to why, but I don’t wish to assume.
And has anyone actually been turned into a dog, by an artifact or other method, so they could see or hear an artifact? Bliss certainly seemed certain that dogs could see her. Then again it is Bliss so I can understand if it was some sort of mixed up statement on her part.


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