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Deal With the Devil

I can’t draw dragons. So I cheat. XD Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

It’s fun writing Security in an actual role… eh; more evil laughter. Or something.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Kiss From A Rose” by Seal


XD While everyone else’s hair is getting shorter or turned into something pathetic, Security’s is getting fluffier and turning him into a sex-pot. Thus we see more evidence of Liliy’s adoration of characters behaving evilly. ^_^

Beautiful use of body language on Sedrick. And I love the tail you keep putting on your dragons. Too cute.


This is interesting. Security has to have something valuable to give Hnaef if he wants network access. So far, the only thing we know that Hnaef wants from Security is his secret to teleporting all over the place. Does Security want network access badly enough to share his tightly held secret? We’ll see.

Security could get lots of good use out of that network, no question. He could use it to increase his security surveillance, expedite his guard patrols, order out for pizza, spy on sexy women…oh the possibilities! ^_^

I like the expressions of Security’s merriment, and also Sedrick’s wariness around the dragons. XD


i told you guys security wasnt pure of heart enough to touch the sword thing and lily dodged the question !! i put it together i thinkz secruity is either evil or just wrong stuff at wrong time that… or im a crazy paranoid fruit nut


Well, the sword argument doesn’t completely work – Wiglaf is the only person right now who can hold it. XD That sword is picky.


Security gets creepier all the time…
(where’s Geoffrey when you need ‘im? Oh right- chained to things.)


Panel 3 – Security is so evil and hot! Dammit Liliy! Why do you make such sexy AND evil characters?! :D

Panel 5 – Epic evil smile and “innoncent” pose. :P

And look at Arthur and Sedrick in some casual clothes. :$ But Sedrick doesn’t look too happy. :happy:


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