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Death Is The Line To Not Cross

Herschell is a cat.

That really should explain everything.

AHHHH. Going crazy working on Round 2 of my Rumble-Fest Entry. XD I have 21 pages to color by the end of Sunday.

*goes crazy*


 ”My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord,
and let all flesh bless his holy name forever and ever.

Pslam 145:21


You have to love Mordred’s confidence. He just knows his family so very well.
i just couldn’t stop laughing when he said “Europe still exists.” so true so true


I thought of several possible outcomes for how Mordred was going to react to the news. This was not what I was expecting :P


Yup, herschell is defenitely getting upset.
I think the ears + tail are a good indicator.
That little flaw must make for awkward moments at times, besides the no clothes thing ….


This has been one of my favorite pages lately. I just love how deadpan Mordred always is about everything, ahaha.


Is the rumors of their deaths causing all the stock market crazy in Europe and here right now? It just seems so perfectly timed…

And yes, I’m not serious. I just thought it was a strange coincidence I noticed this morning, after giggling over Mordred’s comment.


Hahaha, Oh Mordred, it’s funny cuz it’s true…so true…
And naked Herschell for the win, but deadpan Mordred has super powers that steal his naked spotlight..XD


Hmm…good point. If Arthur and Janus were killed, their parents would literally tear Europe apart trying to get revenge, I believe. Enslaved, humiliated, stepped on, all that’s fine for the Senior Garrotts, but having their children killed is a line you do not cross on pain of death.

Also, for some reason, I found myself saddened for some reason that the panel didn’t dip just a few inches lower. Herschell butt. Hee.


See, I don’t think it’s the Senior Garrots that would cause the problems. Janus and Arthur seem like the type of people who would set up safeguards preventing their murders.


No, liliy did say that unless their kids were killed, the senior Garrots, at least, Mr. Garrott at any rate, wouldn’t step in. That and, Sedrick would likely end up dead too. And I do not think he is suicidal, just, crazy.


Just wanted to say, I love how you made his human ears disappear as his cat ears appeared. You’d be shocked and appalled how many times catboy/girls end up with two pairs of ears.


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