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Delayed Reaction

I’m turning an art slip into canon. Whoo. XD

Edit: No comic today! I’ll see you on Sunday. (Got some other art things I want to do tonight after putting up some shelves. XD)


Well, we know that Security isn’t native to Earth, and is able to adapt to his surroundings. So it’s possible that the “art slip” was a case of his visual adaptability aid hitting 100% for a moment due to some reason. It’s likely required to be set between 70~90% to help ensure that agents don’t do things like create an army of infertile half-breed children on worlds where the average society size is measured in “villages included”. If this is added, apart from Security’s eye’s being the way they are, all his other “I don’t fit here” things are hidden beneath his clothes, and he somehow managed to get his Security Armband to count.

Peri, meanwhile, completely achieves his “outside” percentage simply by having a set of massive wings on his back.


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