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Denial Does Not Become


Ah-hah! Our first sorta-self-confessed evidence that Arthur truly is evil/has evil resources!

Arthur seems like he comes from an “old money/fox-hunter” family. Can one fox-hunt from a dragon’s back? If not, is it possible to keep both horses and dragons on the same property? One animal is predator, one is prey. Though, if both operate on a “herd” mentality, perhaps it is within the realm of human capability.

Digging the half-bow of superiority you gave Arthur in the last panel. :D


If the dragons are horse sized you could fox hunt on them, any larger and they’d roast the foxes alive there by ruining the hunt(and possibly the forest as well).


@KGJ It’d be like keeping dogs and horses on the same farm. Which is easily done. In this case, the dogs would be particularly large and mean, but still could be done.

Also, I like how the wiliness of Arthur comes through here, “Regardless… There is no “complex” here.” :D


Again..dragons and modern times. I..think maybe you should mention something? like about the time period. <.<


It’s a fantasy comic and so it does not have to follow a real world timeline. In other news, YAY DRAGONS!


okay, who else thinks that Arthur is very much like a Very British version of Michael Jackson (the latter years ofc)


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