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Depends On What You Ask

Wiglaf does what Mordred wants all the time.

Just not when Mordred wanted him to do evil. :P

Edit: I don’t know what it is about Wednesdays this past few months but they are wrecking me. XD Nothing even bad happened (to me anyway). I am on day two of having a new chair at work and loving it. But it’s like 8:50 p.m. (EST) and I’m like “I need to draw in ten minutes” but my brain is like “I have no idea what I’m going to draw.” So instead of forcing out a strip from nothing (I never end up happy with those), I’m gonna think on it and come back on Friday. I want the strips to be good…not just finished. XD 

Like. The strip above is simple? But it makes me smile. I like misunderstandings. I like characters complaining and bickering. I like Lancelot and Mordred being old friends.

So I’m taking a break tonight (Wednesday) and I’ll see you on Friday for sure! I’ll even be streaming (which has been AWESOME for making sure strips get finished…like it always had. I’m so happy I can stream again XD).


Mordred, Wiglaf does do what you ask him to all the time. The reason why you don’t think that he does is because he has made it known what type of instructions that he won’t follow, and you have had no choice but to submit to those restrictions, regardless of your opinion.

Lancellot, Wiglaf does also disobey Mordred regularly. Usually when he asks him to do something like leave him alone or stop hugging him more recently, but still, regularly. This is one of the requests that Wiglaf would certainly disobey.


He drags Mordred around for stuff he’s screaming disinterest in all the time. (Especially about camping in the absolute middle of nowhere.)

I think Wiglaf only follows “orders” if he thinks it’ll be an interesting challenge (like “I want the whole hotel”) or if he happens to agree anyway (for instance, “keep Boss from killing everybody”).


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