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Desperation, Maybe?

NaNoWriMo hates me this year. Unlike last year, my story is good, but the words still don’t want to show up.

I keep wanting to work on other things. XD

But that’s how it goes. Whoo hoo.

Enjoy more Herschell and Wiglaf shenanigans.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Call Me Maybe?” by Carly Rae Jepsen


i dont know why but it just seems to me like Herschell’s tail is getting fluffier and fluffier by the panels.

also i am very tempted to call Herschell hershey… like the chocolate =D


Wonder what Mordred’s gonna think of the new house-guest(then again, he many not notice/care because he’s got Grendel).


My vote is that Grendel is going to end up being the sweetest little thing in the world and Wiglaf is just jealous. He’ll probably even get along with cat-form Herschel. And seriously, who cares if he’s a pseudo-demonic stuffed animal as long as he doesn’t piss on the couch?


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