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Dessert Would Be Better

…I almost forgot about WaM. XD Thanks for reminding me on Twitter!


…I have no idea. Song goes here or something.


;_; We have to wait until Wednesday at least to know why Arthur is “someplace cold”

And you’re welcome for the reminder, I’ll try to get you earlier next time :P


Okay Liliy, you are ahead on your word count, you cannot be forgetting about WaM because of NaNoWriMo.

I love Arthur’s location. Why is he in the middle of the north pole? I cannot wait to find out!

Also, I love that my birthday post features mostly Security and Hnaef. It really makes my day.

. . .

Just realized the title of the last update was “It’s Going to be Cold”, and in the next update it really does get cold! Nice going Liliy.


It’s interesting to see that Hnaef still wants to check on his dad in spite of the danger he experienced. And it’s funny how Security finds Hnaef’s familial loyalty so endearing, giving the kid a friendly hair-ruffling. XD

I really like the frozen landscape around Arthur as he sets out on his mission. Things should get very interesting soon.


Awww, Security. There is a REASON the man is one of my favorite characters, and it ain’t just because of the teleportation-and-possible-immortality shtick he may have going on.


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