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Destroy You All, Gosh Darn It!

Eep; Between work and preparing for my best friend’s wedding I’m exhausted. *_*; Comment on the strip; it makes me feel better. XD

Oh! And the Vote is in! The Pin-Up Strip for #90 will be Wiglaf and Mordred as COWBOYS. It was a close vote, but my Dad was the tie-breaker and he went for Cowboys. So there you have it. I might do French Maids later though just for fun. XD

Thanks for voting, reading and the likes! I’m going to go pass out now and hope I make it through work. :D

Thank God for Casual Fridays. :D


I love how you depicted Azrael’s reverberating echo. It grows and grows until it dominates the page.

Nice close-up on Sedrick. He deserves a good close-up after being talked over in previous strips. I like his startled expression and the fact that he is reading up on dragons. Sedrick’s obviously trying to get to the bottom of Arthur’s dragon problem and nip it in the bud.


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