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Diane Is Going To Hurt Him

Not sure where this is going. XD Writer’s block is not my friend.

Also, I’ve been re-watching Bonkers. I forgot how funny this show was. And how disturbing the first real villain was. o_o;;

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Bonkers Opening Theme


Hmmm…… dilemma: does Diane submitting Herschell to the humiliation of being held by the scruff of the neck in panels 2 & 3 even partially excuse him for submitting her to the humiliation of being near-groped in public by a nude cat-boy in panels 6 & 7?

And what’ll happen if she that annoyingly-persistent-but-lovable colleague at the sheriff’s office or animal control central ever gets this story out of her?

Poor Diane. Like all of the other “normal” characters who come in tangential contact with Wiglaf and Mordred, sanity has fled her life.



Hmmm, this is the point where Diane realizes Herschell is still part cat which allows her to take him into custody.


Woohoo for Bonkers!

But yeah, Diane looks like she’s about done with the whole situation. I’m really expecting both of them to be thrown in the pound just for annoying her.


Gotta love Bonkers! It was what they could salvage of a killed idea(Who Framed Roger Rabbit show)and was totally great.

Is it sad that I’m odd enough that the nudity is the oddest part of the shapeshifting cat for me? Even if it was wandering around my real life?


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