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Did You Hear That?

*yawn* This is technically the first half. See the second on Friday. We hope. I’m so behind this week.

*curls up in corner and sleeps*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers.

As in the one from that scene in Notting Hill…not the one in the Dante previews. Even though it’s the same song. I need sleep.


Finally! Every cast needs a token ghost! :lol:

I would like to resubmit my crackpot theory from comic 286. :D

So long as we finally get to see a conversation between Grace and Camlann I will have no qualms with Grace never having a ghost form. :$

Hmm…new crackpot theory: Grace was once human but was turned into a sword by some majic. Naturally he could be from one of the myths referenced in the comic, but I have no idea as to which and who.
This theory may also apply to Camlann. :P

Hooray for pointless speculation and rambling! :B

*Hugs Sedrick* :$

*Dies from gunshot wound* :injured:


‘Grace was once human but was turned into a sword by some majic. ‘
I just realized how eerily close that is to what happened(at least from what I’ve gathered from liliy).


Aw, okay. This is officially a momentous occasion. :) I hope we’ll hear more from Grace in the future.

I love Sedrick’s bad attitude, too. It’s cute. But please don’t tell him that.


*Chuckles.* They set a French bakery on fire. That’s amusing, considering how many of those I’ve visited. Oh, the havoc! I’d lay odds that Arthur Jr. snagged a couple baguettes on the way out. Was that the last activity that got them deported?

Nifty background. I never knew roses on high transparency could look so unfeminine.


*Laughing hard after hearing Grace talk* Other than the Valkyries, Grace is the only one who will give Azrael any sympathy.

Sedrick sure is peeved. Not even having some fun torching a bakery with his buddy could get him out of his mood. Maybe doing some more acts of arson will cheer him up. XD


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