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Diplomacy is the Enemy

Ha ha; got home at 8PM and well. I had distractions that’ll probably be posted at my blog later. XD And I promised my bro I’d hang with him, so probably a finished product late late tonight.

Ah Wiglaf; he’s going stir crazy with nothing to do, ne?

Today’s WaM strikes nostalgia as in it features the main three members of the cast….when was the last time that happened? O_o

And the Pair-a-Thon continues strong with three entries!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith


Curses! I did so want to see Wiglaf go crazy from heroism deprivation. :( I can just imagine that one day nothing will be wrong in the world so Wiglaf will become a supervillain so that the world will need him again. :lol2: Muahahaha…that makes no sense. :/ Whatever, great comic all the same. :happy:


Wiglaf, I adore you.
Liliy, I also adore you, but at this very moment I am adoring Wiglaf more.


*Double-takes.* Wait. Did Mordred actually say something that could be construed as pseudo-nice? Wait-wait! Did Mordred actually empathize with Wiglaf’s frustrated hero-impulses and act in a helpful manner?

…possibly to speed their escape, but still? DID HE?

*Is tempted to grab this alien by the scarf and demand to know what he did with Mordred.*


Yes. Just simply yes.

Even if Wiglaf and Mordred are polar opposites, they still are so alike it’s hilarious… I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people that are so alike and so different at the same time.


Ha ha, Wiglaf finally found an outlet to get that heroic urge out of his system. XD Very hilarious how he immediately calms down just by straightening a picture frame. Now he can basically say, “Okay, good deed’s done, now let’s get out of this crazy house.” :cool:

It’s real amusing that Mordred finally found a reason to salute Wiglaf’s heroism. XD And Driver looks really cute with that wide grin.


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