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I don’t even know where this is going anymore. XD


I’m going to go play more Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice/Edgeworth&Gumshoe fun times. *hugs Ace Attorney series*


0.o …… wow… really didn’t see that one comin’. And can he not retain clothes when he changes back ta human?!


Nope. This was addressed back when we first met him after he turned into a cat, then back into a human in front of Mordred (according to the title of one of the strips Wiglaf was holding his clothes).


She kind of looks like she’s looking down the whole time…heh. You know you like.

Grendel better NOT turn into a human right now or anything of the sort!!


Now we definitely know that despite Herschell’s dual identity as a cat, he still appreciates human female beauty. XD

For such an awkward moment, Diane is taking things rather well. XD


I love how she didn’t just scream and kick him in the nuts when he suddenly changed from cat to human and then proceeded tp try and flirt with her


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