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Distract and Evade

And….we’re back with everyone’s favorite enchanted artifact & killer for hire. Huzzah!!

Not much more to say on that other than Grace is creepy as always. See how young he’s implanting habits? XD

Oh, and some new Fanart by Project Daemon’s in the Fanart gallery if you wanna’ check that out. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher” by Jackie Wilson


I forgot how much I loved Grace. And his speech bubbles! :D

And yay for actually explaining why Azrael talks to the sword and not where Grace is.
It was useful/important, but you still got it across in a humorous way.

And yay for my fanart getting a shout! :3
Maybe I’ll have to do some with more.
I think right now I want to do: Wiglaf+Mordred, Grace+Azrael, and maybe some another, newer, Sedrick+Arthur. :)


(2 comments in a row, and i’m usually so quiet! tisk tisk, summer makes me bold)

A question if you will, after rereading some of the earlier stuff, and looking at it with what I know now, Especially about Grace and all, I would just like to know;
What exactly DID happen in #125? I mean, like…He’s a ghost…and Azrael…and Grace’s rape face…and little Az’s hate…and …and…<3?
I've been thinking about this for a while, and i am just… :| confused…so…wonderfully confused… in a good way. :$


It’s so neat how you’re weaving this all together. By looking at the metal, it preserved the idea previously that Azrael was just talking to his inanimate sword; if he were talking to air, a lot more fans have would have been suspicious about Grace a lot sooner.


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