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I blame the five minutes late on the Venture Brothers Season 3 Dvd Boxset. *was watching*

Things I’ve learned:

1) Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend are still the greatest couple ever.

2) Dr. Venture is a horrible, horrible person but I love him anyway.

3) Brock had better come back to Dr. Venture in Season 4 or…or…I don’t know what I’ll do. *Sob*

Oh right. WAM. Uh. Lancelot’s got a crush on Driver? :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne


It really is a travesty Brock left. XD

“Annie” eh? Interesting. Panel four is my favorite… you can feel the teeth grinding. XD


XD Poor Driver. This should be very amusing.

And as usual, Mordred is singlemindedly focused on getting something for himself. XD


the pink heir really does siut him, doesn’t it? :P
…. for the sake of my intestines please don’t tell him i said that… O_o


Black rose seeds ? Anger upon destroyed garden ? I think we’ve all found Mordred’s secret hobby : gardening ! God, I would have never guessed it.


I’m wondering if those Black Rose Seeds grow a plant much like the vines that Lancelot has. Something that Mordred can use in some evil plot. :3


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