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Do Not Touch

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and if you’re braving Black Friday out there – best of luck to you.

Oh, and speaking – Zazzle is having all sorts of crazy deals today. So….buy my stuff. XD

Now that plugging is done and over with. I hoped you enjoyed this brief moment of a very ticked off Orb of Bliss. No touchy. She floats for a reason people!

Now Grace, he likes be touched. Makes him happy. Especially when the touching involves the blade end sinking into your flesh in a totally non-suspicous/telling way. Hee.

So close to finishing the first draft of my NaNoWriMo novel I can feel it. Yay!

Hyperness reigns tonight. Oh – and new artwork. Wiglaf and Mordred in the morning.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Fireworks” by Polock


Bliss got creepy. O_O………. mabey that is why grace said bury it in concrete…. then toss it into a bottom less casam and repeat. :happy:

*Brings out his sherlock holmes pipe* :sly:

Oh and i survived black friday…. i was working when we opened the stuff not even five minutes i got slammed into by a cart. Good times and better than last year. :happy:


Seeing the orb glow red when Bliss’ temper flares is neat. The red glow is nicely done. I see that Bliss is very particular about physical contact and will not allow just anyone to take liberties with her. XD


I wonder if Wiglaf will be able to hear Bliss tha way she can drive him insane too~ and Wiglaf will probably get more jealous causing some more Mordred and Wiglaf time. Then again it does seem that Wiglaf is already given the message to other people that Mordred is his


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