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Do What Mamma Says

And now you’ve all met Wiglaf’s Mamma, Linnéa! If Mordred knew what was good for him, he’d work out more often or study self-defense so he could actually get away from his captor. But you know, that takes effort.


Can’t talk any longer. OCT audition to finish. Links will follow when I’m done. XD Don’t ask. (But I am posting everything at DA if you want a sneak-peak. XD)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“All That You Are” by The Goo Goo Dolls


I wonder if Wiglaf’s family cares that he hangs out with a family of villains all the time.
Then again, I guess they’re just glad he finally made a friend who was semi-willing to stick around him for more than five minutes.


I don’t think Mordred quite realizes he’s in Sweden when he asks Wiglaf to stop speaking it. Also, Wiglaf’s mother seems nice enough. Demanding, though.


Heh heh, Wiglaf’s mother seems very sweet, though it is obvious that she is greatly concerned that her son has such a hard time making friends and keeping them. That should make an interesting dynamic when it comes to her interactions with Wiglaf and Mordred.


Cool! So good to meet the folks. (Also, delighted that Wiglaf’s mom shares my little sister’s name. Go team Linnea!)


I am disgusted with myself actually FORGETTING about WAM for this long! D:

Just completely caught up, and think I died a little from everything awesome that just happened! :D

Too much to talk about, so I’ll try to remember to actually follow this and comment on time. :P


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