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Do Your Job, Security

Self referential humor. Ha ha ha ha ha. Go me. B)

Edit: Job hunting is stressful. LOL. Been a long week and I am mush. Gonna’ chill with my yarn this evening. I’d just draw Security again at this rate so I might as well think of something fun for Sunday. XD

Edit 2 (Sunday, 3/5): I did not think of something fun. After I finished DM’ing D&D I just got hit with a wave of tired from being social and running around extra all day. Oops. So uh, to avoid Security being mad at me I’m just going to waitandseehimonWednesday. >.> *waves*


By chance are you going to accommodate Security’s demand by squishing in as many characters as possible into the comic panels with him?


So… are we going to see Hnæf in the next page as well as Security, or just Peri? Because Hnæf would criticize Security for talking to himself, while Peri theoretically could get in on the fourth-wall breaking action. And complain about Security not doing his job.


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